About Us

Who are we?

The Cinema Radar is a web portal founded in 2021 by Jose Gonzalez – (CEO), an avid film buff. Since then, we have evolved into a community of enthusiasts dedicated to exploring and sharing their passion for visual storytelling.

In 2023, Dayana Fuentes – (Copywriting joined the team as a writer, enriching our growing platform with her talent. Dayana is a passionate and talented comic book writer whose creativity and enthusiasm are palpable in every comic she creates. With a unique ability to weave captivating stories and vibrant characters, Dayana captivates her readers with witty plots and engaging dialogue.

Our Mission

At The Cinema Radar, our mission is to serve as your guide to the vast universe of movies and comics. We are committed to providing you with:

Reviews and Analysis: Stay on top of the latest news, discover new releases and enjoy in-depth movie and comic book reviews.

Personalized Recommendations: Find content that suits your preferences thanks to our personalized recommendations system.

Community: Join our community of followers and participate in discussions, forums and events.

What makes us unique?

At The Cinema Radar, we are passionate about the world of entertainment and we want to spread that passion. Therefore, we strive to offer quality, informative and entertaining content, always from an honest and critical perspective.

We also value the importance of community. That’s why we’ve created a space where fans can connect, share their opinions and celebrate their love for visual storytelling.

This is how we think !

«It’s not always the fastest who are the best. The important thing is to be the last one standing.

» – Dayana Fuentes (2020)

Dayana Fuentes
Nelson Gonzalez Cinema Radar

«Life itself is a movie! Live your drama and cry or laugh at the end» – Jose Gonzalez (2022)

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