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A Sunday Affair: An Enjoyable Mess

“To love and be loved is the greatest gift in life”, while a lot of people can’t boast of having this gift, Netflix in collaboration with Mo Abudu’s EbonyLife is delivering the next best thing to their screens. Upon further consideration, is A Sunday Affair a Valentine’s day gift or curse? Let’s get into it. 

A Sunday Affair follows two lifelong best friends – Toyin (Dakore Akande), a heartbroken lady, who does her best to avoid men and all they represent, and Uche (Nse Ikpe-Etim), a carefree lady, whose favorite pastime is having an affair with married men – who fall for the same complicated man, Sunday (Oris Erhuero). Their loyalty to each other is tested as they face a heartbreaking revelation. 

The plot might have teased how messy this film is, but Mo Abudu, as a woman who loves to push boundaries, and one with a “story credit”, invented an even bigger mess as we approach the second half of the film. Thankfully, the mess that is the storyline doesn’t completely affect the experience. 

A Sunday Affair poses itself as a romance film that celebrates the spirit of friendship when in reality, the film barely scratches the surface of romance or friendship. The friendship part of the story was disrupted to benefit the men in the life of the ladies, and the romance felt heavily forced. If writer Darrel Bristow-Bovey had a brilliant idea for how this film was supposed to go, we didn’t get to see it. 

With enough willpower to ignore the flaws in the plot, one begins to truly appreciate the beauty that exists in this film. The cast tops the list as they deliver nigh-perfect performances. Nse Ikpe-Etim (Shanty Town) and Dakore Akande (Isoken) are the MVPs of this film, their performance as friends, lovers, and victims of circumstances breathe life into this film. Nollywood’s newcomer Oris Erhuero (Strike Back) manages not to get overwhelmed by the presence of the powerhouse he shares the screen with. While his performance isn’t extraordinary, he proves he can handle being a rom-com leading man. 

A Sunday Affair

The technical parts of the film also shine, with cinematography that celebrates the beauty in every scene. James Amuta does an incredible job with the aerial cinematography and the landscape scene with the train proves this. Sound Engineer Solomon Emmanuel’s work is pure and it elevates the viewing experience. 

The music selection for this film is a blessing to the ears, each one gives the scenes a different feeling and elevates the cast’s performance. The costume designs are another part the film perfects, and Yolanda Okereke proves she knows her onions. 

A Sunday Affair, while not without flaws, shows emotions and the rollercoaster of love through stellar performances. 

A Sunday Affair Ratings: 6/10

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