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Becoming abi reviews: Simple, Funny, and Authentic

Following her short film, Things That Broke UsBolu Essien makes her debut as a director with a 6-episode workplace dramedy, Becoming Abi on NetflixBolu takes on the lead role as Abi while wearing multiple hats as creator, writer, producer, and co-director. 

Inspired and loosely based on Bolu’s experience as a creative in an advertising agency, Becoming Abi follows Abi (Bolu Essien), a driven young creative in Lagos who lands her dream job at a leading advertising agency and navigates the corporate ladder in hopes of making it big.

Becoming Abi opens with a successful Abi, and the rest of the series is a journey of how she came to be this fierce and bold person. The series is structured like a sitcom, with each episode treating a different theme, while still retaining the overarching plot of the series. 

Bolu Essien gets to shine in this, she tackles the plot brilliantly with the use of refined comedy, pure dialogues, and a perfect balance between work and fun. As the co-director alongside Terrel Ejem, she taps into the potential of the cast, while bringing out incredible performances from them. 

The breaking of the fourth wall, voice-over, and Abi’s imaginary persona further elevate the comic side of the series. The emotional side of the series also shines in the relationships Abi shares with those around her. 

The film perfects its workplace settings, the environment feels natural courtesy of everyone playing their parts efficiently. The banters, gist, arguments, fights, meetings, and presentations. These aspects feel real and relatable. 

The cast is phenomenal and it is obvious they were carefully selected to play the parts they did. Bolu Essien (Locked) delivers impeccable performance as an introverted creative. 

Her performance is perfectly balanced with performances from remarkable actors including Biodun Stephen (Joba), Stan Nze (Hey You), Juliana Olayode (The Wait), Seun Ajayi (Ojukokoro), and Akah Nnani (Man of God). Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow was a delight in this as she brings nostalgia to an already perfect cast. 

The cinematography and visuals complement each scene perfectly, and the amazing choice of music helps elevate the already beautiful moment. The costume choices are amazing and further solidify the workplace settings.

The majority of the series takes place in a marketing company, hence there are a lot of brands involved. The series treats it very subtly and works those brands into the plot with ease. The issue of Abi’s religious beliefs is another element the series didn’t make a show of, while it didn’t take a big part, it was prominent in her actions. 

Becoming Abi is a beautiful series that accomplishes its goals brilliantly by showcasing the trials, tribulations, disappointments, and joy of a creative workspace. The series has multiple similarities with popular sitcoms, especially Issa Rae’s Insecure, but it makes the formula it’s own. It ends on a cliffhanger that increases your appetite for more. 

Becoming Abi Rating: 8.5/10

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