Dinner at My Place Review A Beautiful Balance between Romance and Comedy

‘Dinner at My Place’ Review: A Beautiful Balance between Romance and Comedy

Valentine’s season is a beautiful one in Nollywood, as the industry churns out its best romantic comedies, a genre that has grown to become one of its most profitable. The door to the season of love was kicked open by Dinner at my Place, written and directed by Kevin Luther Apaa. The film is based on a 2019 short film of the same name, writer, and director. 

Dinner at my Place follows Nonso (Timini Egbuson) who plans the perfect dinner proposal for his lover, Chioma (Sophie Alakija). The night takes a hilarious turn when Nonso’s ex-girlfriend, Bisi (Bisola Aiyeola) shows up at his house, and the ring ends up in her stomach. 

Yes, the plot of the film is ridiculous, but Luther Apaa turns things around by presenting these circumstances in a relatable yet hilarious manner. The ring was dropped into the egusi soup by mistake and Bisi’s uncontrollable appetite pushes her to take her unforgettable dinner. 

The film started with a strong form but lost its steam halfway through. What follows is a ridiculous and disappointing story that is mostly irrelevant to the main plot. The film is also littered with numerous side plots with nothing to offer but more comedy and longer runtime. 

‘Dinner at My Place’

Amidst the hilarious happening is a well-balanced love story. Luther Apaa beautifully triggers the butterflies in the stomach of the audience by stitching two love stories into the plot of the film. While Nonso and Chioma take the main stage, another is cooking with Jay (Charles Etubiebi) and Cynthia (Uche Montana), best friends of the lead lovers. 

The cast delivers a lovable performance, one that makes you forget how ridiculous the film is. While Egbuson (Elevator Baby) and Alakija’s (Gone) chemistry is the heart of this film, Aiyeola’s (Breaded Life) ridiculousness embodies the comic part of the film beautifully. The duo of Etubiebi (Finding Hubby) and Montana (Hide N’ Seek) also shines in the background by playing their roles excellently well. 

Michael “Truth” Ogunlade brings his award-winning magic to the score of the film, and it is nothing short of magic how each tone brings life to both the characters and the story. The soundtrack is another beautiful part of the film with love songs that can be likened to Johnny Drille. 

Considering its shortcomings, Luther Apaa delivers a beautiful film that balances its romance and comedic parts. A solid choice for romantic dates.

Dinner at My Place Rating: 6/10

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