gangs of lagos review

Gangs of lagos review : A journey through the streets of Isale Eko

Director Jade Osiberu, known for breaking new ground and presenting a revamped Nollywood, has taken her talent a step further with her most recent work «Gangs of Lagos». Since she entered the Nollywood movie space with «Gidi Up» in 2013, her trajectory has been nothing short of impressive.

Main Plot – Friendship, Destiny and Betrayal

The movie review of «Gangs of Lagos» reveals a heartwarming story about friendship and family, set in the fast-paced and dangerous street life of Lagos. The plot follows three inseparable friends, Obalola, played by the charming Tobi Bakre; Gift, portrayed by the talented Adesua Etomi-Wellington; and Ify, played by the emerging Chike. Together, they embark on a world of crime, politics and betrayal from a young age, seeking the future they believe they deserve.

Gangs of Lagos Jade Osiberu’s Streak of Crime Thrillers Continues

Characters and Acting – A Perfect Symbiosis

The magic of the film lies in its cast. The performances are beyond conventional, especially those of the lead trio. The villain Kazeem, played by Olarotimi Fakunle, is a character the audience loves to hate, while Chioma Akpotha delivers a performance that could well earn her multiple accolades.

Narrative and Direction

The film review of «Gangs of Lagos» allows us to enter the mind of Jade Osiberu, who has achieved a voice-over narration that broadens the scope of the story, intertwining with relevant themes such as politics, corruption, revenge, betrayal and destiny. This thematic complexity, balanced without overlapping, demonstrates Osiberu’s directing skills.

Gangs of Lagos

Cinematography and Production Design

Isale Eko’s realism and authenticity are reflected in the film’s cinematography. However, it is important to note that, despite its strengths, «Gangs of Lagos» is not without technical flaws. Some aspects, such as the choreography of the fights, could have been improved.


«Gangs of Lagos» is more than a movie, it is a cinematic experience. While there are areas for improvement, such as some scenes that seem elongated or dialogues that could be more impactful, its narrative proposal is brave and refreshing.

Despite these areas of improvement, the film positions itself as a reference for future filmmakers and those seeking to better understand the essence of Nigeria. Now available on Prime Video, «Gangs of Lagos» is a must-see for any film lover.

Enjoy «Gangs of Lagos» and immerse yourself in a journey through the heart of Nigeria, discovering the essence of its streets, its stories and its people.

Gangs of Lagos Rating: 8/10

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