Debut Feature Tackles the Faltering Nigerian Judicial System Brilliantly

‘Inside Life’ Review: Sillo Studios’ Debut Feature Tackles the Faltering Nigerian Judicial System Brilliantly

Following the record-breaking success of his action-epic King of Thieves, Tope Adebayo tackles his next project – Inside Life, a dramedy that focuses on the faltering Nigerian Judicial system and its effect on a man’s life – alongside Chuks Enete, who served as the producer, writer, casting director, and executive producer.

Inspired by actual events, Inside Life follows the story of Larry (Wole Ojo), a young man, who gets arrested and wrongfully remanded in prison a few days before his wedding. He must figure out a way to survive the harsh realities of living with inmates while plotting a means to get released in time to get married.

From the first prison scene, the harsh and inhumane realities became visible, from the prison officer immediately tagging Larry as a prisoner, to the discussion of the number of inmates per cell. The film carefully weaves these elements with the plot and unleashes them at calculated intervals.

The plot of the film was beautifully carved in a manner that captures your attention in the first few minutes, it then builds up your anticipation with comedy, and hits you with a wave of drama. Chuks Enete is a master with the pen, as he crafted a beautiful script alongside co-writer, Lanre Olorunnisola, whose life inspired the story.

I enjoyed the mix of drama and comedy, it was beautiful and brought a much-needed balance to the story. In Chuks Enete‘s words, quoting the Yoruba adage, “unpleasant situations come with comedy times”, and that was the goal for this film, the presence of comedy in critical situations.

The cast delivered a magnificent performance, and while some had very little screen time, they stole the scene with every chance they got. Wole Ojo, Romeo WJ, and Broda Shaggi were the highlights, seeing these three characters with very distinct character traits interact with one another was brilliant.

Another thing this film got right was the attention to detail, from the constant sound of mosquitoes, the graffiti on the prison wall, and the rough and unkempt look of the prisoners. Every detail adds an extra layer of beauty to the overall experience of the movie.

The score was beautiful as it captures the essence of every scene, the cinematography was alright, and the set designs were perfect. This is a movie I enjoyed watching a lot, one that stirs up multiple emotions in me. Inside Life is a movie that deserves your money at the cinema.

Rating: 8.5/10

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