The Oak Room Review

The Oak Room Review : Unveiling the Charm

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So stop me if you’ve heard this

We’ve all heard those jokes or anecdotes that start with «a guy walks into a bar,» but what if that joke turns into a chilling thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat?

Before a guy walks into a bar

The essence of a story is expectation. We anticipate the joke, the climax or the surprise. When the guy walks into the bar, we anticipate what comes next, and that anticipation is what hooks us. Music plays a key role in how we feel about a scene. It can set the tone, the atmosphere and, in this case, the suspense.

I’m cleaning the place and guess who walks in the door?

The entrance of an unexpected character always adds an extra layer of intrigue. In this case, little Stevie, who seems to have a history with the bar or those inside.

The Oak Room

Directed by Cody Callahan, known for «Let Her Out,» The Oak Room offers an intriguing mix of stories within stories, all revolving around bars in Canada and the people who enter them at the most unusual hours.

Thanks to the Fantasia Film Festival

It is essential to recognize platforms that allow us to discover cinematic gems like this one. The Fantasia Film Festival has been a showcase for unique and amazing films, and The Oak Room is certainly one of them.

A cinematic experience

Although Cody Callahan had already shown flashes of genius in his previous film, with The Oak Room he takes his style to a new level, achieving a palpable tension throughout the film, despite the fact that in many scenes «nothing happens.»

The art of tension

The film cleverly uses visual elements, such as frequent shots of beer bottles, to create a sense of anticipation. You anticipate an event, but you are uncertain about the timing or nature of it. but you don’t know what or when. This is Callahan’s magic, his ability to keep us on edge with his use of tension and surprise.

An ode to storytelling

What really stands out in The Oak Room is how it celebrates the art of storytelling. It’s a film that demands your attention, promising a revelation at every turn and unexpected twists that leave you yearning for more.

Masterful performances

The performances by RJ Mitte and Peter Outerbridge add an extra dimension to the story, making each scene more involving and exciting.

In summary.

The Oak Room is a masterpiece of suspense, combining expert direction, solid performances and a brilliantly written script. It’s a film that challenges you to fill in the blanks and rewards you with an unforgettable cinematic journey.
So the next time you hear the beginning of a joke about a guy walking into a bar, you might find yourself hoping for a twist in the style of The Oak Room.

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