The Trade Jade Osiberu’s Crime Thriller Tells a Fierce Tale

The Trade: Jade Osiberu’s Crime Thriller Tells a Fierce Tale

Osiberu’s New Venture

Shortly after her critically acclaimed directorial debut, Isoken, Jade Osiberu announced the production of her next project, The Trade. Five years and a new title after, the project finally debuted in cinemas. After an underwhelming cinema run, The Trade is now streaming on Prime Video.

True Crime Inspiration

Inspired by true events, the crime thriller follows notorious genius billionaire kidnapper, Dike Maduka, aka Eric, ravaging southern Nigeria while evading all attempts to apprehend him. After evading arrest for two decades, a fast-rising police officer and head of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT), Superintendent Khalid Abubakar leads a high-stakes investigation into the famous kidnapper’s activities.

Osiberu’s Mastery in Filmmaking

Writer-Director Jade Osiberu creates a brilliant film in The Trade. Osiberu’s understanding of thrillers allows her to deliver one that isn’t immersed in senseless action sequences, instead we get a character-driven story, which helps the viewers fully appreciate the various dynamics taking place.

Realism and Detailing in The Trade:

Osiberu’s attention to detail is a trait that allows this film to excel. The scenes feel more realistic and relatable given how much time goes into creating a detailed environment. The portrayal of the Police Force is incredible and possibly one of the best in Nollywood. We see the good, bad, and ugly parts of the Force, and it is presented in a manner that isn’t forced on the audience.

The Genius of Eric

The film’s depiction of its lead character as a criminal mastermind is brilliant. We are introduced to the working of Eric’s mind intelligently. His ability to transform into different personas depending on the situation, his exploitation of his workers, his relationship with his victims, and his ability to remain a mystery are all parts of what makes the character an interesting one.

Accent and Social Commentary

The use of thick Igbo accents by most of the characters helps the actors settle into their roles better and deliver powerful performances. Although, it might be jarring to those not acquainted. The film attempts to tackle some social issues but mostly abandons them before they are fully realized.

Star Performances & Shortcomings:

The film boasts remarkable actors like Blossom Chukwujekwu (Oloture), Rita Dominic (La Femme Anjola), Ali Nuhu (Amina), and Shawn Faqua (Soole). Sadly, the film isn’t spared from terrible acting performances that ruin the viewing experience.

Elevating Nollywood Standards:

The Trade is a simple story that manages to remain captivating. It isn’t perfect but its attention and care help elevate it from the subpar standards of most Nollywood crime thrillers.

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