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Marvel’s Russel Dauterman variant solicit for Hellions # 13 features Psylocke in a lot of her most famous X-Men costumes. Psylocke is my favorite X-Men character of all time, so I thought what fun it would be to do a definitive ranking of all these outfits!


I loved this cover from the moment I saw it. It isn’t comprehensive of EVERY SINGLE Psylocke outfit, because that would be crazy, but it definitely hits a lot of the major ones. 

Psylocke has hands-down been my favorite x-character for most of my life. Where some people are turned off by her complex character history, it’s that very same complexity that really me draws me toward her.


The Psylocke character is of course most famous for being a body-swapped ninja, where proper British lady Betsy Braddock’s mind was put into Japanese assassin Kwannon’s body. That’s how most fans – including myself – were introduced to her, and really, it’s how the character became super popular.

But after like 20some years, the merger was finally undone, and now these two characters are both back in their original bodies living separate lives on Krakoa.


After a shaky start of running into each other and not acknowledging one another, they actually ended up working together in issues of Excalibur, and it seems as though they are both willing to let bygones be bygones about their shared-body past.

I’ve always liked the feud between them, even way back during the Psylocke & Revanche days. Admittedly, relying on their feud is a bit of a crutch-y fallback for both characters in terms of plot progression of their relationship, but I personally can’t get enough of it. 


It’s nice to see them working together, but I do wish we could have witnessed a long-anticipated throwdown between them. We kind of get hints of it happening, like in Hellions #11 when Kwannon fights off a Mastermind illusion of Betsy, but they never properly go full ham at each other here on Krakoa, so that’s a miss for me. 

At the very least their reconciliation brings a formal close to this feud, so I’m happy that the complex backstory wasn’t ignored completely on Krakoa, and now the characters will be able to move on to new things and new storylines and maybe even work together more often, which I’m all for.


Kwannon is the current bearer of the codename Psylocke, but for the sake of this ranking, I’m just gonna use the term Psylocke as an umbrella codename, because they were all Psylockes at one point and it can get confusing! 

It actually doesn’t make a lot of sense to me from a story-standpoint as to why Kwannon would even want to still be associated with the name Psylocke. I’m not buying that she’d actually want to keep the name of someone else who had inhabited her body. It’s not a healthy way of ‘taking back her life and owning her trauma’, and it doesn’t feel like something Kwannon as a character would want to do at all. 


Kwannon’s a pretty fiercely independent woman, as we’ve been finding out, and she’s like a bit of a loner who doesn’t care to have any association with anyone on Krakoa. It makes way more sense that she’d seek to distance herself from anything related to Betsy, especially the name Psylocke, and seek to forge her own identity. 

But whatever, it is what it is, and Kwannon now goes by Psylocke, whereas Betsy goes by Captain Britain.


The Psylocke character design is incredibly popular, and she’s definitely one of Marvel’s most prominent sex-symbols in comic books, so from a Marketing standpoint I can see why they wouldn’t want to change Psylocke up too much. I mean, she’s pretty much been wearing that same bathing suit costume on and off for about 20 years, so if they aren’t even going to change that about her, I definitely can’t see them wanting to change her codename.

For better or worse, we are gonna dig into ALL the looks of this Russel Dauterman variant cover, and talk about which ones are her best and which ones are her worst.

I count 16 costumes in total, so let’s not waste any more time and get right into it!

16. Captain Britain v2.0

It really wasn’t a stretch for me to decide that Betsy’ current get-up would bottom out my list. I’ve been very vocal on my Instagram about how much I despise this design.


From the moment I first laid eyes on it, I thought it was one of the ugliest costumes I’ve ever seen in all of comic book history, and I am not exaggerating. 

I don’t think this British Armour does any favours for Betsy. It’s big and bulky and unflattering every way. I’m not saying that female characters need to be hyper-sexualized in order to be successful, but I also don’t think they need to be intentionally dressed this dowdy either.


There’s absolutely no figure here, and though I know it’s supposed to fit like a knight’s armour in not really giving her much shape, I just think it sucks.

I hate that the color palette and design are so UK-in-your-face, even though yes, I know the Captain Britain corps are always designed that way – but I just think it makes the costume void of any sort of personality that is uniquely Betsy’s.


I’m actually not a fan of Betsy taking on the Captain Britain moniker at all. As much as I want Kwannon to have forged her own identity beyond the Psylocke codename, I was also looking forward to watching Betsy re-discover herself as well, because I think Betsy’s story post-merger is just as important as Kwannon’s.

They were both used and were both victims, so even though the focus is Kwannon coming to terms with matters, there’s trauma with Betsy too ,and I feel like it’s sometimes swept under the rug.


And the perfect example of her trauma being ignored is in her becoming Captain Britain. She was just forced into this role, which again – just like when she was forced into Kwannon’s body – is something that she did not want.

In my critical opinion, I do feel like Marvel is just wanting another female character to bear a “Captain” prefix – like how Carol Danvers is now Captain Marvel – and so Betsy as Captain Britain just feels like another marketing or PR stunt to me instead of being something useful from a story standpoint.

I really wish they gave Betsy the dignity of finding something for herself, instead of insulting her by forcing her into her brother’s hand-me-downs.

And even though Marvel backtracked and eventually made it so that Betsy willingly chose to keep the Captain Britain identity after she could have been freed from it, it still just feels like a missed opportunity to give Betsy a shot at forging her own destiny.

And this outfit doesn’t help her case in any way either.

15. X-Treme X-Men Psylocke

This was an “x-treme”ly short lived costume.

The X-Treme X-Men were a team organized by Storm to hunt down and retrieve the prophetic 13 diaries as written by Destiny. Early in the series, Psylocke was killed by the new villain, Vargas, and this was the costume she was wearing when she died. 


I don’t really care for any of the X-Treme X-Men looks. I think they tried too hard to look cool with an early 2000s aesthetic.

Something about them reminds me of what TLC wore during their No Scrubs music video, and I hated how red and blue were the chosen as the primary colors to resonate in every single outfit. Specifically with regards to Psylocke’s outfit, I really really hate those tiny garter belt buckles hoisting up her leggings. My eye is immediately drawn to them and I just think they are utterly unnecessary.


The rest of the outfit I actually really don’t mind, it’s like an obvious reference of her classic costume, but those garter belts, and those weird holes that are in the side of her bodysuit for no reason, just really turn me off from this costume entirely.

14. Standard Training Uniform Psylocke

The yellow and blue onesie is a classic training outfit for pretty much all of the X-Men. Most of them have worn this design at one point or another, and there’s a whole spell of issues where a lot of them wore them together on a few missions. 

That said, it’s really not a great outfit for anyone to wear. It’s pretty much the equivalent of a ‘school uniform’ if ever the X-Men were to have any.

I think that some people can wear this better than others though, and with them it actually looks like a fully realized costume.

I’m thinking mostly of Banshee when I say this, because it just went really well with his cape, or Forge because he also accessorized it correctly, but when it’s just the straight-up leotard it’s really void of any personality and it’s hard to get into as an official costume.

It’s just not exciting.

Psylocke wore this outfit during at least two separate arcs. The first one was when everyone else was wearing it too while they were up in space fighting the Shi’ar around Uncanny X-Men #275, and then she started wearing it again when she was resurrected in Uncanny X-Men # 456 after her death in X-Treme X-Men. 

I can’t really decide in which instance she wore this costume better, because it’s just as bland to me in both of them, but at least the second time around it looks like the threads had a little bit more attitude to them than when they were just standard issue wear that the whole gang was sporting.


13. Uncanny X-Force / Girl Squad Psylocke

Uncanny X-Force volume 1 was a total success. It ran for 35 issues and featured the critically-acclaimed “Dark Angel Saga”, which is absolutely worthy of the hype, and is an arc that I consider to be a contemporary classic of modern-day comic books

It was a ruthless series that was super dark and edgy, and Marvel has tried a few times to recapture that same magic it had with its subsequent X-Force titles, but nothing even comes

This Psylocke outfit is NOT the costume she wore duing that series, but is instead the costume she wore during Volume 2 of Uncanny X-Force, where it was her and Storm leading a team of Bishop, Puck, and Spiral. She also wore this costume during the girl squad X-Men volume 4 series, where the all-female team took on threats like Arkea and the Sisterhood.

I so so so VERY much wanted Uncanny X-Force volume 2 to be better than it was.

Psylocke, Storm, and Spiral are literally three of my favorite x-characters, so having all three of them on a team together was supposed to be magic. Unfortunately, I can’t say the series knocked it out of the park for me.

There were times when I felt like it was trying too hard to be edgy, like forcing redacted swear words that just made me cringe. 


But I’m a fan-boy, so even though I can critically see the series’ flaws, I still found ways to enjoy it, and I think Psylocke did a good job of co-leading the team. 

In terms of this outfit, It’s alright. It’s certainly a level-up from her bathing suit in terms of functional ninja attire, and this was an instance where I actually liked the team being matchy-matchy and coordinated in their looks, especially Spiral.

It’s nothing super exciting – it’s just a black romper with some grey markings and the legendary sash belt – but there’s nothing wrong with it either. All-in-all, a very nice, safe X-Men look.

12. All-New, All-Different Psylocke

This was the outfit Betsy wore during Uncanny X-Men volume 4, where she was on a team with questionable allies like Magneto and Sabretooth. The team was being positioned as a more ruthless one, and it was all about hunting down threats before the threats get to them.

This was a pretty short-lived series, though I did like it, because we got to see some deep cut X-Villains like the Dark Riders.


The costume itself is another fairly safe one. It feels like it’s just a re-dressed version of her Uncanny X-Force costume, but with slight tweaks in it.

I do prefer the changes that were made, though, compared to the giant X across her chest in the previous costume, and I really like the purple Fuschia-y color they used to color in her color pops. Purple is a color that is often associated with Psylocke, because it’s the color of the physical manifestation of her powers, so it makes sense to use in her costuming, too.

I can’t say that I think the outfit is anything too special or unique – again, it’s basically just a single-colored onesie – but I think it’s functional for what Psylocke does, and that she looks great.

11. Revolution Psylocke

A lot of things happened during the Revolution era, and unfortunately, not a lot of them were good. 

There was a mysterious canonical 6-month gap for the characters before launching this new era, and though we never really learned what happened during that dark hole period, it’s referenced that somehow Jean gave Psylocke her telekinetic abilities, and that Psylocke gave Jean her telepathy.


Psylocke’s telepathy was actually dormant at the time because she was holding the Shadow King hostage, so hopefully an upcoming X-Men Legends issue addresses how all of this power-swapping went down without a jailbreak for him.

In any case, the new Psylocke also got a new haircut, and a bit of new attitude. She didn’t seem as dark as she had become since her Crimson Dawn exposure, and she started dating Thunderbird III, which is another character who mysteriously joined the team during the 6-month gap.


I actually don’t mind this outfit at all. I think it’s fun, and I think it makes her look really young and fresh. I don’t really understand the metallic appliqués that are on her pants and her arms, but it’s a superhero costume so it doesn’t have to make sense. 

I love that the top is just a halter, and with the headband and handkerchief collar, it gives me some sort of 90s aerobics instructor or edgy teen show vibe.

Overall I think it looks very casual crimefighter on her and I actually wish that it had stuck around a bit longer.

10. Astral Plane Psylocke

This costume is what Psylocke’s astrally-projected self looked like during Uncanny X-Force vol 2. She wore it during the team’s adventure through Bishop’s mind, and also while they were hunting down the Demon Bear.


This armour was very different than the armour she used to wear while visiting the astral plane; it was much more upscale and glamorous. I don’t think her astral get-ups are ever as consistent as Jean’s is when traipsing through the mindscape, but I remember she used to wear a very lady mandarin-inspired suit of armour, and I think I actually prefer that one to this.


That said, I do think this gown-look is kind of cool. I like the asymmetrical dress, and to me, it’s very representative of Psylocke’s “two selves” – there’s like her warrior side with the weaponry and the armour, and then there’s also the British royalty version, with the big frilly dress. 

It’s a fun juxtaposition of Psylocke’s psyches in the garment, and I think it works from a uniquely cerebral standpoint if not necessarily from a crime-fighting one. But because she only ever wears this on the psychic plane, we don’t really have to worry about its combat functionality since it can be adapted at a moment’s notice with a mere thought, so bring on the psychic gowns!

9. Disassembled Psylocke

This was such a huge moment in Betsy’s superhero career, because it’s when she finally re-assumed her original body. Her asian body was killed by Sapphire Styx during the Hunt for Wolverine, but Betsy managed to pull her old self back together again molecule by molecule, and managed to create some new threads to boot.

We didn’t get to see a lot of of this costume though, because pretty much as soon as it debuted the whole X-Universe was whisked away into the Age of X-Man, and they all wore different variations of their previous costumes.

Then after that, everything pretty much went straight into Dawn of X and she very quickly became Captain Britain, so this costume was basically only used as an interim. 

And that’s crying shame, because it looks really good on her!

I really love the color scheme, and even though part of me is like “are those pinks clashing?” and another part of me is like “is this too stereotypically girly?”, the overall dominant resounding part of me is saying NO! This is just a fun costume that Betsy pulled out of thin air to give the best possible representation of who she was as an X-Men and not who Kwannon was.

From what I gather amongst the various blogs, this was a favorite costume amongst Psylocke fans, and I can totally see why. Yes, it’s basically just another unitard, but this one’s got a lot more personality than her other ones. 

Since she’s back in her original body, there’s really no need for her to play up the Ninja Trope anymore, so she can wear these bright colors and fun designs and she doesn’t have to worry about breaking stealth-mode.

I would take this costume over her Captain Britain garb any day of the week.

8. Captain Britain v1.0

So speaking of Captain Britain…lol. The current incarnation of Betsy as the good ol’ Captain was not the only time she wore the white, blue, and red. 


There was a very brief – I wanna say 1-issue stint – where she temporarily took on the mantle of Captain Britain while her brother Brian was out finding himself or something.

It’s an incredibly important moment in Betsy’s life, because it’s when her eyes were torn out by Slaymaster and she was blinded for a while. She eventually got a set of cybernetic eyes implanted by Mojo that let her see again, but at the cost of broadcasting everything she saw to the Mojo World Big Screen.

The cybernetic eyes were useful in that they kept her from being blinded by bright lights, like say a strobe blast from Dazzler, but it sucks knowing that nothing you see or do would ever be private again. 


After the body-swap, Kwannon eventually tore out the cyber eyes right before she succumbed to the legacy virus, so they aren’t a thing in the comics anymore, but it’s still a pretty wild story point.

This Captain Britain costume TOTALLY works for me. I love love LOVE the baggy arms and her multi-colored hair. When I’m talking about Captain Britain costumes with personality, this is the kind of stuff I’m talking about.

There’s a lot of it here, and yes, it’s totally edging on gaudy and campy, but I mean…the Captain Britain corps overall is kind of a campy concept. Like there’s a Captain Britain defender in every world, so of course there are gonna be some wacky costumes out there.


This outfit doesn’t do much in terms of providing her with actual armour like the current one she’s using does, but this is comic books, and it’s assumed that these outfits provide a level of inherent defense so that the heroes don’t need to all be explicitly wearing actual armour. 

I just like how fully dedicated to the Captain Britain the cause Betsy was here – so much so, that she went nuts with the coloring in her hair, and though I don’t think I’d necessarily enjoy this as much if it was her actual costume of today, for its time and the little we saw of it, I think it’s a total highlight of her fashion choices.

7. Shadow Form Psylocke

Oooo Shadow Psylocke. This was what Betsy’s Astral Plane armour looked like during the Psi-War against the Shadow King. This incarnation of Psylocke is probably her darkest one yet, and it’s during the time when she was FULLY entrenched with the Crimson Dawn storyline.


The Crimson Dawn was kind of a jumble of a Psylocke story, and it’s why she sometimes has the Red Tattoo over her eye in panels from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. The red tattoo is the marking of the Crimson Dawn and it means that its mystical properties have been imbued onto its bearer.

I really enjoyed the Crimson Dawn storyline. Psylocke had been eviscerated by Sabretooth, and the Dawn helped heal her physically, but it changed her emotionally. She became less compassionate and a lot colder, and even her powers took a turn. 


She developed some shadow-based abilities, primarily the ability to teleport between shadowed areas, and I think that’s why her astrally-projected self looks like a Shadow Being around this time.

I think it looks really cool. Merging into the shadows is a very ninja-like trait, so I actually think this new development of her’s makes sense for her character. This shadow version of herself just looks super badass and threatening, right down to her talons her fingers. 


It was very short-lived though, I think only for like the two issues of the Psi-War.

It seems like Marvel has been doing its darnedest to wipe away every reference to the Crimson Dawn, because even though Betsy was wearing the tattoo when she was killed in X-Treme X-Men, it was nowhere to be seen after she was resurrected, and I don’t think it was ever brought up again. 


Even her shadow-powers stopped being used as early as during the Revolution Era, and it’s not explained why. Gotta be that damn 6-month gap again.

6. Lady Mandarin

If we wanna talk about badass costuming for Psylocke, the Lady Mandarin armour is where the line fully stops for me. I always thought this armour was sooo cool.

It’s the costume that she wears after travelling through the Siege Perilous and incurs the mind/body swap. She’s kidnapped by the Hand and is being controlled by the Mandarin as his head assassin. 


It’s got a very villainous look to it, and she’s a villain while she wears it so that aesthetic makes sense, but I also like that it doesn’t betray elements of what made Psylocke unique up to this point – namely the headgear.

The physical manifestation of her telepathy has always been a butterfly shape forming around her heard, and I think it’s no mistake in the design of this headgear that it’s also got a sort of butterfly-wing shape to it.


Obviously this butterfly is a lot sharper and menacing looking that what we’re accustomed to seeing on her, but I think that’s the point. Before this, her butterfly was always kind of flouncy and cushiony, whereas in this headpiece it’s got some razor-sharp wings to demonstrate just how severe her transformation has been.


I think this Lady Mandarin outfit is a prime example of how to execute a full suit of armour on Psylocke successfully, and it really gave her a whole new edge that we hadn’t seen before in her character whatsoever.

5. Pink Jumper Psylocke

Alright into my top 5 costumes, and kicking things off with this frilly pink Jumper.

Ok now listen, is this a practical superhero costume? No, not in the slightest. It literally looks like bedroom-wear. I can’t think of anything about this costume that would help her in a battle, but I can think of several things about it that would hinder her. 


This is the outfit she debuted in when she first became a member of the X-Men. She wasn’t really a fighter back then, since she was just Betsy Braddock from across the pond and her future ninja-assassin self wasn’t even on her x-radar, so I guess she technically didn’t need to worry about hand-to-hand combat.

She was literally just a telepath here, so any fighting she would do would probably be done from afar and via the astral plane, thus no need for a practical superhero costume.


It’s funny I say all of that, because in the issue that she joins the team, she actually does fight Sabretooth in a sort of hand-to-hand battle, and she’s wearing a nightgown which basically feels like the prototype before this costume.

She beats Sabretooth in that issue, albeit very narrowly, so maybe she’s more adept at hand-to-hand fighting in this kind of costuming than I give her credit for?


In any case, I just think this costume is so cute. It’s extremely “fairy tale princess” and “girly”, but for Betsy Braddock at that time, that’s pretty much who she was.


I love the two-toned pinks, and all of the individual elements just form a really interesting overall design. I love the big puffy sleeves and those panniers that are hanging down around her legs, and those ribbons jutting out from her wrist cuffs, and even those weird cutouts along her stomach. None of them make any actual sense to me, but sometimes enough nonsense is all it takes to bring a costume together.

4. Revanche

Oh baby we’re getting into it now.

I loved Revanche, but she was probably the apex of complication in the Besty/Kwannon body swap saga. She showed up randomly at the X-Men’s door one day claiming to be Betsy, when in fact a different Betsy was already a part of the team. Since Revanche had Betsy’s original British body, though, and people recognized her, it made things very confusing for the X-Men (and x-readers).


In essence what happened was that Betsy’s mind went into Kwannon’s Japanese body, and Kwannon’s mind went into Betsy’s British Body, with some elements of their own minds kept intact within their original bodies.

This was all done courtesy of Spiral’s Body Shoppe who was commissioned by Matsu’o in hopes that he could reclaim his lover, Kwannon, who was basically broken & comatose after having taken a terrible fall.

But of course Spiral betrayed him and just messed everyone up even more.


In the end, both Betsy as Psylocke and Kwannon as Revanche became teammates on the X-Men, until the legacy virus eventually infected Revanche and she killed herself in a final act of defiance.

All of the convolutedness aside, I really really liked this costume. It’s like a militant evolution of the pink and purple colors that were part of Psylocke’s color story up to this point, with the added 90’s aesthetic of belts and arm bands and pouches.


I actually think the silver lining of this costume is in the silver accessories she’s wearing. They are surprisingly downplayed given how excessive the early 90’s were about cramming things onto costumes, but they are also really effective and eye-catching. They help to break-up the overpowering color of the pink and purple combo, and just give the outfit some depth and field-operative usefulness.


Revanche seems to be another bad memory for Marvel, and she’s never really acknowledged or referenced, so I’m really happy to see this costume pop up in this Hellions variant cover.

3. Kwannon’s Return

I squealed with absolute delight the first time I saw this. Not only did it mean that Kwannon was back in the comics, in addition to Psylocke being in her British body, but I also thought this costume was FANTASTIC.


This is Kwannon after she was first resurrected at the end of Mystery in Madripoor. After Betsy reformed her body molecule by molecule, she must have also reformed Kwannon’s out of instinct, and while Betsy ends up getting trapped in the Age of X-Man reality, Kwannon shows up in the real reality to get some revenge against the X-Men.


Kwannon had been out of the loop for like 20 publishing years at this point, so it was wild seeing her character return all of a sudden, and looking so damn vengeful. 

She can’t speak a lick of English, which I thought was such a great characterization because why would Kwannon be able to speak anything other than Japanese, and she ends up teaming with Wolverine to fight with the Hellfire Club.

I think this is ninja assassin Kwannon at her prime.


It’s basically just Psylocke’s classic blue ninja suit, but with a new full-length bodysuit underneath it, plus a hood and a mask. It really harkens back to Psylocke’s Animated Series appearance, where she is dressed in like full ninja-suit garb, before eventually ending up in just her blue look and a mask.

Something about the mask just makes it seem very “assassin for hire”, and I think for Kwannon around this time, that’s exactly what was on her mind.

2. Ninja Suit Psylocke

This is Psylocke as Psylocke is most well known. When people say her name, this is the outfit that comes to mind, and with good reason.

She’s worn it more than any of these other outfits on this cover, and it’s pretty much her go-to outfit when she needs to wear something in a pinch.


Psylocke debuted this costume with the X-Men after her Lady Mandarin phase, and wore it throughout her entire duration as an X-Man in the 90s, up until she finally changed when the Revolution era came about.

Then, after she died and came back, she wore it yet again for another several years, pretty much all the way until she finally started changing things up more frequently during her Uncanny X-Force days.


As anyone can plainly see, there is nothing practical about this costume from a crime-fighting standpoint whatsoever. I can admit that. It’s TOTAL cheesecake. But, that doesn’t preclude it from being her most iconic costume, and still one of my favorites, even after all these years.

It is a very old costume, and I don’t know if it necessarily stands the test of time that Marvel thinks it does seeing as how they still have Kwannon wearing it in the comics of today, but it’s just timeless for me.

It’s totally a way for Marvel to market this character to the prepubescent fanbase, and I guess I am right there with them worshipping her in this.


I’m not mad when she changes this costume up, because as I say, it adds no value in a fight and we’ve seen it for so long now, but I’m also never mad anytime it comes back around; it’s very much a welcomed look in any of my comic books.


But even though the ninja suit os her most definitive costuming choice, it’s not my absolute most favorite one, and I’ve given that top-spot to an era of comics that I hold dearest to my heart.

1. Outback Armor Psylocke

Yes, the Armor! The glorious Armor! This Armor was given to Psylocke by Wolverine, because up to this point she was just wearing that pink romper, and as we can see, there is nothing defensive in any of that pink frilly fabric.


This is the costume that Psylocke wore while the X-Men were stationed in the Australian Outback and the whole world thought they were dead. It was definitely an upgrade from that pink romper, and it gave her a bit more edge as a character.

She did some of her shadiest things while wearing this armour, too, like psychically persuading the X-Men to jump through the Siege Perilous and restart their lives. 


I’ve been talking about practicality a lot in this list, and I’d say this outfit really has it all.

The armour alone is enough to keep frail Betsy safe from most enemies, but little do people know that the cape also had pockets inside of it, so she could stash things away like maps or blueprints.


The mask and hood also have the added value of making her look super duper creepy, so that when she was slinking around the corner being all psychic from afar, it just gave her a lot more of an intimidating presence.

This outfit to me was when Betsy really started committing herself to the X-Men. She did away with all of her proper lady pretences that she had grown up with, and wasn’t afraid to get down and get dirty with them. 


I was really happy when a version of this armour showed up during the Sisterhood storyline, when Revanche’s old reanimated corpse fought the team in it.

For die-hards like me, it was such a fulfilling moment to see an old favorite recapturing some of the old glory moments, even if it was just for a couple of issues.


I know this isn’t Psylocke’s most iconic outfit – that hands down goes to the blue ninja suit – but the Outback Armor is for sure my favorite, and I think it served Betsy very well during the time that she used it.


So that’s my list! I obviously didn’t go through every Psylocke costume ever, as that would be a much longer list, but I think this variant cover for Hellions # 13 really nailed a lot of her core costuming choices, and it was a lot of fun going down this memory lane and deciding favorites amongst them.

As I said, I’m a fan of pretty much all of them to begin with. Definitely not ALL of them, but pretty much, so this list was just a way of sorting favorites.

Let me know if you thought I got it right or wrong, and if you have a favorite Psylocke costume out of all these looks. In case you missed it, you can check out the video version of this entire list at the link below or over at my YouTube Page

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The 4th instalment of Russell Dauterman’s “X-Men costumes throughout the years” series features Storm as the covergirl, and it’s the variant cover for SWORD #8. Some of Russell’s previous covers in this series were for Jean Grey, Rogue, and Psylocke, and they were all fantastic...

Rogue X-Men Costumes Ranked

The 2nd installment of Russel Dauterman’s “costumes throughout the years” series features Rogue, and it was the variant cover for Excalibur #18. In this cover we get to see almost all of Rogue’s costumes, starting from her rough days with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants...

Jean Grey X-Men Costumes Ranked

The 1st installment of Russell Dauterman’s “X-Women Costumes Throughout The Years” series was none of than the Marvel Girl herself, Jean Grey, and it served as the variant cover for the debut issue of the Krakoa-era X-Men #1. This was the image that started the...
Hellfire gala outfits 2021

Hellfire Gala Outfits 2021 X-Men Ranked

Marvel’s Hellfire Gala event is really taking the X-Men’s fashion world by ‘storm’! Marvel has released more official Hellfire Gala looks for the X-Men. This time they’ve pretty much done a full mutant roll call, and have rounded up all the various teams into groups to...

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