Storm X-Men Costumes Ranked

The 4th instalment of Russell Dauterman’s “X-Men costumes throughout the years” series features Storm as the covergirl, and it’s the variant cover for SWORD #8.

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Some of Russell’s previous covers in this series were for Jean Grey, Rogue, and Psylocke, and they were all fantastic. I’ve already done a ranking of my favorite looks in the Psylocke cover, and will eventually get around to rankingall of them, so stay tuned and make sure you check them out.

I was really looking forward to this cover, because just like Psylocke, Storm is one of my all-time favorite X-Men ever, and she has had a great array of costumes, most of which I totally love. 

Now if we can just get Dazzler in the next cover, then these three will be a complete set for me…

Storm was actually my very first favourite X-Character. I grew up on the X-Men Animated Series, as with many others out there, so my initial exposure to the x-universe was limited to the characters featured in that show, and Storm totally captivated me.

Storm, Mistress of the Elements, commands you

I got into the comic books pretty early after starting to watch the animated series, and I was drawn to Storm in print just as much as in TV, except now I was able to see that she was so much more than just dramatic speeches and big bountiful hair.

I was like 7 or something when my X-Men Mania began, and I was actively seeking ALL the licensed merchandise I could – like the X-Men pogs, and sticker albums, and picture books – and it was always like striking gold for me when STORM was a featured character.

xmen picture book 2

One memory that I distinctly have is being at the mall with my mom, and I was reading an X-Men trivia book, and one of the little jokes inside asked “what is the calmest part of Storm?” and the answer of course was “the Eye of the Storm”, but I was too young to know what that meant, so I didn’t really get it.

I think I just decided to go with the ‘eye of the storm’ being the name of the red brooch that she wears to clasp her cape. That’s not canon or anything, but for a desperate 7 year old trying to understand a pun, I think I did some pretty good rationalization.

xmen trivia book 2 xmen jokes

Storm has had some awesome costumes over the years, and I honestly like pretty much all of them. This ranking is just an order of personal preferences, it may or may not match your own, but be sure to let me know where they rank in your personal list.

I count 15 costumes on this cover, so let’s get right into it.

Here is my ranking of Storm’s X-Men costumes from my least favorite to my all-time favorite.

15. Standard X-Uniform Storm

Anytime this costume shows up in one of these Russel Dauterman covers, I’ll tell ya right now, it’s never gonna rank very highly for me.

Because it is a standard x-uniform, there’s no individuality or personality in it, and a big part of what makes Storm’s costuming so iconic over the years is that her threads usually embody aspects of her personality or whatever phase she’s going through.


Storm wore this costume at least twice, from what I can remember. The second was a brief stint of it after X-Treme X-Men when she was in the Danger Room with everyone else, but I’m pretty sure that was just a literal training session so I don’t think it really count.

The first and probably the most memorable time she wore it was in the early 90’s when pretty much every other x-character was wearing it too, and the team was off lollygagging in space.

storm space uxm 277

Storm had some really wicked panels in space while she was wearing this costume, so in that way I have fond memories of it, but I mean…nothing about these threads scream STORM!  

If anything, the most interesting part of this outfit was her haircut. I actually totally don’t mind her with the super short pixie-ish cut. She had this haircut around the time she was re-adultized in Genosha and had to grow it back from scratch, and even though Storm’s hair certainly goes through it over the years, I can’t say that I minded this short little number at all.


14. Ultimate Storm

So I’ll start this one off with a little caveat; I admittedly did not read much of the Ultimate universe.

Even though I really liked the edict of “the dead stay dead”, which I think was the big selling point of this bolder more aggressive Marvel alternate universe, there are only so many alternate universes I can handle, and Ultimate just would’ve just pushed my bank account over the edge.

Honestly, as comic collector’s we have to draw the line somewhere, otherwise we’ll just go broke.


I’m not a big fan of ongoing alternate reality series anyway. I find that they inevitably end, and anything that happens within them never really affects the prime 616 reality anyway, so it just feels like a lot of investment for little payoff in the long run.

I know that’s not always the case, and popular characters like Miles Morales did spawn out of the Ultimate universe, but still – I gave 2099 my attention during its hey-day and look what happened there.

So anyway, with all of that out in the open, I can’t really speak too much about this costume or how it related to Storm’s character. It looks a bit standard issue to me, though this one has a smidge more personality than the blue and yellow one I ranked before it.

To me, Storm is not someone who wears clothing that just anyone else can also wear. She’s far too distinct of a character to be asked to blend in and to conform, so to see her dressed in a ‘team uniform’ is just really wasteful and bleggh to me.

13. Revolution Storm

The Revolution era was Chris Claremont’s grand return to writing the X-books after, like, a decade away from them. Anticipation was high, but execution was not very well received, and this whole ‘era’ didn’t actually last all that long. 


I am guilty of being one of the fans who dropped X-Men for a while during this period of time, and I hate to point the finger of blame, but it was Revolution that did it to me. I just really hated the unexplained, 6-month gap where everything was kind of rebooted without explanation, and I didn’t wanna waste my weekly allowance money on a book that I was no longer interested in.

storm revolution uxm 383

I think Revolution has aged a bit better over time than some other oddball stories have, though, and in hindsight the loftiness of it wasn’t really as bad as we make it out to be in our jaded memories.

It was definitely worth it for me to eventually go back and fill in those blank spots of my x-lore by reading the issues I had unceremoniously skipped over back in the day. Though I am still waiting for something to fill in that 6-month gap and explain a few things!


Storm’s costume for this era wasn’t bad at all, but it was a little bit too focused on being, like, ornate for my tastes. There are a bunch of metallic circlets on her arms and chest and legs that just end up looking like recycled plastic ring holders to me.I think it’s a pretty costume, but it’s also a lot of purple. That isn’t totally foreign territory for Storm, but this hue in particular just feels very overpowering.


I think the purple is meant to mirror her regal-side, since purple is often associated with royalty and Storm always has that goddess-ness about her, but I think it went a little bit overboard here and just went to show that too much of a good thing is often too much.

12. X-Treme Storm

Storm was the leader of the X-Treme X-Men team, which was the team that she originally formed in order to hunt down all 13 volumes of Destiny’s prophetic diaries.

That M.O. only lasted for a little while with the team, though, and the X-Treme team would go on to do a weird assortment of other things, like dealing with alien attacks and infiltrating a mutant fight club.


Storm was pretty bad-ass during her time in the X-Treme X-Men, and while I don’t think that series was really groundbreaking or anything, it was a good series to further demonstrate Storm as a leader and show how she very much does whatever she thinks is the right thing to do, regardless of how it sits with Xavier or the overall dream. 


In terms of this outfit, I think she looks VERY powerful in it. It’s definitely one of her more ‘boss lady’ costumes, and I think it commands attention, but I’m not convinced that’s a great thing.

I like the overall shape and design, but the red coloring is just sooo overpowering. It kind of makes my eyes bleed. I don’t really think that red is Storm’s color, and if it is, then it’s best used as only a pop of flavour, like in the gem that clasps her cape.


That feels like the right level of red for her.  But this specific shade of red as the full undertone of her billowing cape is just a lot to take in. I enjoy pretty much everything else about the costume though, even if it is again one of her more ornate-feeling ones, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a re-design of it with perhaps a little less red.

11. Astonishing Storm

This is the costume Storm wore during the time she joined the Astonishing X-Men team, but she didn’t really feel like she was a full-time member of the x-squad to me during this time.

She was freshly crowned as Queen of Wakanda, and she was pretty busy with her hubby the Black Panther, so her x-responsibilities always seemed like they were kind of an afterthought. She does always make time for her mutant family, though, and so she joined up with Cyke and the crew to help them with ghost boxes and outer space stuff, which is the kind of stuff this team always felt like it was doing. 

This is probably one of Storm’s sexiest costumes in my opinion. Depending on the depiction, it can certainly be considered her at her most scantily clad, and the first time I saw it, I actually thought, whoa – this doesn’t feel very Storm.


Nudity and Storm certainly do go hand in hand though, and she iconically dismissed the western culture social decorum of covering our bodies with fabrics from the very moment she first joined the X-Men.

In her early days, she was very much known to rip off her clothes the moment she got back to the mansion and just exist within the nature of her own natural beauty.


There are lots of panels of her where she’s just covered by her hair or like the wind or some other element, and that feels like an extremely natural version of Storm, but here where she’s like…almost naked, but not quite naked, but making it happen in like a sexy way….just feels like it’s not exactly in the realm of what Storm uses clothes for. 


Clothes are very functional for her, and even though she has very much acclimated to the custom of wearing them, something about the way this costume is designed just feels like it’s here to “cater to the male fantasy” as opposed to serve Storm as a character.

And hey, I’m just as guilty for fan-boying the lesser-dressed female heroes, but I dunno, something about this depiction just feels very un-Storm for me. I mean yeah, a lot of Storm’s costumes are sexy or revealing in someway, but this just felt like it was edging on too much.


Now all that said, this costume did have time to grow on me and I don’t so much mind it anymore. It’s super extra in its way, and everytime I see those sleeves I can’t help but think that she picked them up cheap at like Hot Topic or something.

Even though I don’t think all of the elements mesh really well together and that it’s a bit too revealing even for Storm, I don’t really mind it as much as I used to, and it was interesting seeing Storm dressed all in white when we are used to seeing her in darker colors throughout most of her costuming journey.

10. XSE

This was the costume that Storm started wearing after she ditched the X-Treme X-Men and helped form the XSE – X-Treme Sanctions Executive. Marvel was really scraping for these acronyms at this point.


Basically the XSE was formed to act as a fully UN-backed team of mutants who could fight threats internationally without worrying about governmental repercussions. They did things like fight the Fury in England, and helped out in the Savage Land, and made sure the Hellfire Club was operating under its best behaviour.


The XSE as a concept was never really the backbone of the stories though, in my opinion, and it really just felt like they were a bunch of X-Men doing normal X-Men things, which I think is justifiable since the entire concept of the XSE just sort of fizzled away without much fanfare once M-day struck.

But I did really enjoy Storm’s portrayal during this era. It didn’t really feel like new ground for her – it was just Storm being a leader as usual – but sometimes that’s all I need in order to enjoy a nice, fun Storm story.

The costume that Storm wore during this period feels like it was the inspiration to what ended up being one of her longest-standing costumes. A version of this costume originally debuted back around The Twelve storyline, but it was in and out fairly quickly, so I’m happy they brought it back out for the XSE and beyond. 

This costume has had several minor tweaks over the years – mostly changing up the colors on the trim of the cape, and shortening the body suit, and adding in some boots – but I’d definitely say a variation of this is her go-to costume when she’s ever in a pinch.


It basically feels like a modernized, re-worked version of her OG costume (headdress and all), and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I really like this look on her, and think the lightning crackle and the little lightning bolt accessories are all really nice touches!

9. Gold Leader Storm

Is there really any other more iconic outfit for Storm than this one?

Storm wore this during the early 90’s when the X-Men were divided into Blue and Gold teams. While Cyclops led the Blue Team, Storm was the head honcho of the Gold Team.


This is probably the outfit that most casual fans would associate with Storm, specifically because it was also the outfit that she wore during X-Men the Animated Series. 

There has been some controversy over exactly what color this outfit actually is – if it’s white like the TV show portrayed it to be, or if it’s actually all black and with white highlights reflecting off of it – but I think it’s fine for fans to just go with whatever color they want it to be, and for me it is most definitely white.

Even though this is probably considered to be Storm’s most memorable costume, it’s not anywhere near my favorite. I like it, but part of me is like – do I only like it because of the nostalgia, or is it actually a good costume?

It kind of looks like the frumpiest costume when it’s stacked up against all of her other ones, but it’s also quintessential Storm of that era. 


She very much exuded those classic traits of her being the Goddess-y, speech-y, powerhouse of the team, and part of her almost feels like she was unapproachable in a way, not because of a haughty attitude, but just because it would feel like we aren’t worthy to be in her very presence.

The costume is a really great depiction of who Storm was as a character back then, but it’s also kind of dated, and ultimately, kind of stuffy.


My favorite aspect of it is – and always has been – that hooped cape of hers. I also love the big hair and the X-badges, even though I think they were only ever used as communicators in the TV show and not in the comics. Which is a shame, because I always liked when Storm pressed on her giant X-badge to call in the reinforcements.

8. Krakoa Storm

This is the costume that Storm wore from X-Men Red and into Krakoa. She has primarily been a member of Kate Pryde’s Marauders, though she also played a prominent role in the X of Swords crossover, before leaving Earth entirely and heading off to Mars as the regent of Sol.


I really like this costume on Storm. To me, it’s like a consolidated fighting uniform of a lot of her former looks.

The colors are all exactly what you expect from Storm’s color palette, but it’s also more functional than a lot of her other ones in that it’s a full-length bodysuit as opposed to being just skimpy fabric or a leotard.

Storm is impervious to temperature changes, so it’s not like she needs the full body coverage, but it just feels like a more suitable look for her when she’s charging into battle versus something like a fancy bathing suit. 


My favorite aspect of this Storm is actually her hair. I love how much body it has!! Even when she wears it in a ponytail, it looks thick and full and like it’s missing a crown.

And even though I like all of the elements of this costume, I almost wonder if it’s playing it too safe for the new Krakoa era? Like, I do think it’s really great, but I wonder if there is a way to elevate it above just being a bunch of echoes of her previous costumes?


I see a lot of what I’ve already seen from Storm in this costume, and I like all those things (which is probably why I like this costume too), but it doesn’t totally excite me in a way that taking her in a brand-new direction might. 

But still, it’s a great functional looking outfit, and I think she looks just as powerful as ever in it.

7. All-New, All-Different Storm

From the newest to the oldest!


This is the costume that Storm wore when she was first introduced and recruited into joining Xavier’s All-New All-DifferentX-Men. She debuted it in Giant-Size X-Men, and there’s a very memorable splash page of all the new x-men in their threads for the first time, and I love looking at the wonder and awe in Storm’s face as she examines her new costume.

Even though she’s not one to get down with clothing, she admits to how fantastic the fabrics feel on her body, and so she’s willing to make an exception.


If the white Gold Leader costume is quintessential Storm of the 90’s, then this is definitely quintessential Storm of the 70s. Everything about it really sums up who Storm was in her life at that point. She had just been whisked away from Kenya where she was being worshipped as a Goddess, and now here she is, a crime-fighting mutant who basically still looks like a Goddess.


I know I talked about how a skimpy-Storm costume isn’t always my favorite, but I mean come on, this is bare-necessity Storm in her most basic Storm-y outfit. It would go on to influence almost every single costume that she’s worn since.

The headdress is a staple, as is the red gem, and the cape, and the colors. Even the general design of it is all exactly who Storm is when you boil it all down, and I just think this costume is wonderful.

6. Outback Storm

Alright, now we’re getting into some of the nitty gritty stuff that I REALLY enjoy. As I said, I already like most of Storm’s costumes, but these next ones are definitely my all time favorites, starting with this one.


Storm mostly wore this all-black costume during the time the team was stationed out in the Australian Outback, and then again for a little while after X-Factor rejoined the crew just before dividing into Blue & Gold teams.

I always look at this costume as a competitor to her White Gold Leader uniform. They are both so similar yet so different at the same time. A lot of the elements are the same – like its length, and the fact that there’s a cape, and just like the overall vibe of them – but when it comes down to it, I just think that this black one really embodies Storm a lot more than the white one ever did.

Lightning motifs are a pretty easy go-to for Storm’s costuming, so even though it’s a bit on-the-nose to have a giant lightning bolt spread across her chest, I still really like it. It’s simple enough for me since pretty much the entire rest of the outfit is just a solid black, so the bolt really pops and lets you know just how electrifying Storm really can be!


This was the outfit that Storm wore shortly after regaining her powers, and I think it’s a great costume to have worn sort of in like honor of that.

I LOVED when her hair was long but the sides were shaven, and it really felt like Storm was recapturing the essence of her ‘holier than thou’ Goddessness without totally doing away with the new edginess that the 80s also gave her.

storm black lightning powers again uxm 230

Storm in this outfit was also one of my VERY first X-Men action figures, if not THE FIRST X-Men action figure that I ever owned, so that alone gives the costume a very special place in my heart. 

For some reason I feel like this costume doesn’t get as much love as the white one does, mostly because its not in nearly as many medias as that one is, and I think that’s a true shame, because though they are similar, this Black Lightning costume is far more superior than that white costume could ever hope to be.

5. Mid-Riff Storm

Oh my god, the exposed mid-riff costume!!! This is the costume that Storm wore right around the Onslaught storyline of the 90s, and she kept it through Operation Zero Tolerance pretty much up until The Twelve. 


It was part of a Storm re-branding of sorts. The formal Gold & Blue teams were pretty much dissolved ,and I think this was Marvel’s way of breathing some hip new life into her.

At its core it’s a very basic costume; It’s just a pair of paints with like a halter top – but man, do I ever LOVE IT.

First of all, it’s a total departure from what Storm usually wears. It’s way more of like an athletic, Sporty Spice look versus something stuffy like a full body suit and a billowing cape. 


I mean, this costume does have a cape as well, but instead of being like a giant blanket hanging off her back, it’s more like a shoulder-shrug that just kind of looks like the ends of some really long scarves or something. I really love the way they just fall off of her shoulders, and I especially love that her shoulders are exposed in like a peek-a-boo way.

In fact, I love ALL of the areas that are cut-out exposing her skin! This is a way to keep a uniform sexy without making it too smutty. I think she looks strong, and what would have been very current for the 90s. 

Even though the 90s aesthetic of it is pretty pared-back since that aesthetic would have been waning by the time this design came around, I still like the nods to the 90isms such as the gauntlets and heavy-duty boots.

They don’t really make a ton of sense in this costume from a practical standpoint – she’s looking sleek and aerodynamic and then suddenly she’s got these huge gloves and shoes weighing her down – but they do add that element of superhero-ism to the costume, and that’s what I like about them.

All of the costume is really great for me, but my MOST favorite part is her hair! I LOVVVVE those two long T-Boz strands in the front! I think they make her look extremely youthful and fun, and like she’s ready to jump start a new trend of somesort. Instead of the Rachel, everyone will be asking the salon for the Ororo! 

I don’t think that she’s ever revisited this hairdo again, and I mean maybe it doesn’t quite have the same time-testedness as say her mohawk does, but it was certainly a look I was into while she did have it.


I really liked the color variations we got of this outfit too. I’ve said it before that I don’t really think purple is one of Storm’s strongest colors, and even though this outfit was mostly all purple, she did wear a black version of it for a while, and I think that the Black actually looks way better than the purple.

This costume is actually what she wore in one of my VERY FAVORITE Storm stories of all time, X-Men # 60 & 61, where we learn that the red gem she keeps clasped on her cape is actually the gem where the external Candra transferred part of her life essence into for safekeeping.


In that issue she fights with both Candra and the Shadow King, and to me it just feels like the pinnacle of badassery of Storm in this costume.

It was just a really fresh look for Storm overall. It made her feel more down to earth and approachable, and less like an untouchable goddess. I like when Storm has a sense of humour and when she reminds us that she is actually a human too, and I think that she was really at one of her most relatable times when she was wearing this costume.

4. Mohawk Punk Storm

Storm’s rebel years is a pretty divisive era amongst Storm fans. On the one hand, some people say it was the best thing that ever happened to her character because it really rounded her out and gave her the most dimension and depth that any other x-character had ever really had up to this point, but on the other hand, some people say that it utterly destroyed the essence of who Storm is as a serene, almost homeopathic character, by throwing her into an edgy role that made her look more like a caricature that of a true representation of who she was.


I obviously side with the opinion that this was an AMAZING time of Storm’s character development, otherwise I wouldn’t have rated this costume so highly!

Storm developed this aggressive, edgy fashion moment as a reflection of changes that were going on inside of her. She was the new leader of the X-Men, and it had inadvertently put her at odds with herself – a core part of her being was that she always valued the sanctity of life, but more and more, a ruthless side of herself was showing, and while it scared her a bit – she also kind of liked it.

Then, after a little nudging from Yukio, she decided to embrace it et voila – punk Storm was born.

It was such a drastic departure from EVERYTHING we knew about Storm as a character by this point, and I can totally see how that can be jarring for fans, but for me, it made total sense given the road her character was on.

I really stand by the opinion that this was where Storm was her most interesting, and that it’s where a lot of important things happened to her that would go on the influence her character the most!


Probably THE MOST infamous thing that happened to her during her punk years was when she lost her powers.

Forge had created a gun for the government that was meant to be used on the Alien Dire Wraiths, but the government saw it fit to use on mutants instead, and BLAMMO. Storm was the guinea pig.


Storm’s powerlessness mixed with these internal emotional changes that she was going through just really gave way to some awesome, deep, personal moments for her, and so that’s why this era of Storm lives so fondly in my heart.

But also, if we’re just looking aesthetically, I think this punk look ROCKS! I LOVE the mohawk, especially since Storm is traditionally NOT a character who you would have ever suspected to have worn one, but the way they wove this storyline for her, it all just felt so natural and like it wasn’t forced whatsoever, so I totally bought it.


I think that Storm has GREAT taste no matter the runway category, and everything that wore during her punk phase is really beautiful in that punky, alternative way.

It’s really the accessories that pull the whole look together, because otherwise it’s just a black romper that she’s wearing, but paired with the choker and the vest and the arm band and gloves and the belts, it really just makes her look pretty damn cool! 

As I said, either you love it or you hate, and I for one ADORE IT.

3. AoA Storm

When I think of the Age of Apocalypse, Storm is not really a prominent character that comes to mind. She was definitely there, but she certainly wasn’t the focus of this storyline, and really, nor should she have been.

She was kind of a background player for the most part, and though she had some really cool power moments, she was mostly just a soldier in the war and not really a major plot point.


Even with me saying all of that, I gotta admit, I absolutely LOVED her costume. It’s TOTALLY different from anything we’ve seen her in before, but I think they really nailed the design in terms of who the Storm of this reality was. 

There aren’t any “Goddess” motifs here, and honestly it feels kind of like an homage to a Mortal Kombat character or something, but this is who Storm was in the AOA – a foot soldier for the X-Men, more or less, and so there wouldn’t be anything too resplendent or exuberant about her outfit, and yet still, I really really like it. 


I like how downplayed it is, and I really like the black and white color scheme, and the random geometric shapes that adorn the fabrics. I think her short hair was the right call as well, and I love the black tattoo over her eye. 

The AoA is a dystopian reality, and this feels very much like a dystopian costume that’s specific to Storm. It’s not full of like steampunk junk or any other typical mean futuristic stuff. It kind of has an aesthetic as though it was put together using a bunch of rags and cloths, and it almost feels like she might never have gotten out of her street urchin phase in this reality, and that might have influenced this costume.


This costume really wins for me because I do think that Storm was a strong player in the Age of Apocalypse, even if she wasn’t always in the spotlight, and when I think back to these books she was always a highlight for me any time she showed up.

2. Asgardian Storm

I think this Asgard costume is so breathtaking. I know it’s not really a ‘real’ costume of hers, but it’s here on the cover and so it’s fair game for my ranking.

She only ever wore this like less than a handful of times, and only when she was wielding Stormcaster, the enchanted hammer that Loki made for back during the Asgardian Wars.


I kind of dissed the Revolution and X-Treme costumes for being too ornate, and yet here I am, placing what is probably considered the MOST ORNATE of all her costumes here as my number 2 favorite. But I can’t help it! It’s soooo beautiful, and it succeeded where the other two fail for me.

If you’re going to be ornate, then GO THERE AND BE ORNATE.

Everything about this costume is so extra, but it’s Extra with a point of view, and I totally know what it’s telling me about itself, so I’m not confused by any of the accoutrements or décolletage.


I think she looks EXTREMELY powerful in this, and objectively speaking, it’s probably the most powerful of all her costumes. Stormcaster really does a number on her mind whenever she wields it, though, and she’s prone to going overboard with the power, but that’s also part of the appeal here to me!

I actually would love to see this version of Storm face off against the Asgard version of Wonder Woman. There’s a very brief moment during Marvel vs DC where Wonder Woman picks up Thor’s hammer and she’s transformed into an Asgardian warrior, but she relinquishes the power pretty much right away before engaging Storm in battle, because Diana is honest and knows the fight wouldn’t be fair that way.

But…if Storm had Stormcaster, just think of how EPIC that battle would be!

I am a big fan of any time Storm interacts with her Asgardian self, and even though it only ever happened few and far between, it’s always treat to see this costume pop back up when it does, and I would LOVE for her to spend an extended period of time wearing it!

1. X-Force Storm

I don’t think that this is a very popular costume choice to be a favorite, but I absolutely love it. It’s what she wore during her time in Uncanny X-Force with Psylocke and Spiral, and also across a few other titles as well, like the X-Men vol 4 X-Girls series.


I just think this is such a flattering costume for her. I think it’s really sexy without trying too hard, and I think it marries a lot of her old styles together into one.

Since I was a fan of the original mohawk Storm, I was also a fan of when they brought it back, and I think this modern interpretation really nailed who Storm was. She didn’t need to go down the full-on “Rebel Yell” road again by wearing leathers and spikes – she had already done that, so it would’ve been regressive of her to do it again. 

Instead, I think she channeled the attitude that she possessed around that era, and put together with everything else that had happened to her since then in order to come up with this very consolidated costume that stays true to who she is, while also homaging who she was. 

It’s the most fulfilling of all her costumes to me, because it’s not like it’s one or the other the way most of her other costumes are.

With them, it’s like she’s either a rebel or she’s a goddess or she’s an X-Man. What I like about this is that she’s very clearly ALL of those things in this costume, without having to commit to any specific one, and really, that’s who Storm is at her core.


Storm is a complex woman, with a varied history of attitudes and moods and beliefs and actions, and so why should she commit to any one specific style in her costume design?

I think this costume is both edgy and gorgeous without trying too hard to be either one, and so for that reason, I give this costume the highest honor of being my absolute favorite Storm costume of all time!

So that’s my list! As I said, I’m a fan of pretty much all of Storm’s costumes to begin with, so this was simply a way of sorting between favorites 

Let me know if you thought I got it right or wrong, and if you have a favorite Storm costume out of all these looks. In case you missed it, you can check out the video version of this entire list at the link below or over at my YouTube Page

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X-Men Hellfire Gala Outfit Reveal RANKED

Marvel is throwing a Hellfire Gala for the X-Men and the mutants are turning looks! Some of the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala outfits were revealed this week, and I thought it would fun to give them a preliminary ranking based off my first-look impressions. I talk...

Rogue X-Men Costumes Ranked

The 2nd installment of Russel Dauterman’s “costumes throughout the years” series features Rogue, and it was the variant cover for Excalibur #18. In this cover we get to see almost all of Rogue’s costumes, starting from her rough days with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants...

Psylocke X-Men Costumes Ranked

Marvel’s Russel Dauterman variant solicit for Hellions # 13 features Psylocke in a lot of her most famous X-Men costumes. Psylocke is my favorite X-Men character of all time, so I thought what fun it would be to do a definitive ranking of all these...

Jean Grey X-Men Costumes Ranked

The 1st installment of Russell Dauterman’s “X-Women Costumes Throughout The Years” series was none of than the Marvel Girl herself, Jean Grey, and it served as the variant cover for the debut issue of the Krakoa-era X-Men #1. This was the image that started the...
Hellfire gala outfits 2021

Hellfire Gala Outfits 2021 X-Men Ranked

Marvel’s Hellfire Gala event is really taking the X-Men’s fashion world by ‘storm’! Marvel has released more official Hellfire Gala looks for the X-Men. This time they’ve pretty much done a full mutant roll call, and have rounded up all the various teams into groups to...

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